• Lead Time: 4-8 weeks, depending on available inventory and manufacturing schedules.

• Payment: Payment may be made: (a) via check mailed to Bike Arc's address; (b) via wire transfer; (c) via PayPal account to sales@bikearc.com; and (d) via credit card via PayPal to sales@bikearc.com. Payment must be received before order will be processed.

• Surface Requirements: Smooth, stable concrete that is a minimum of 4" deep for Rac Arcs and 8" deep for Half Arcs, Bus Arcs, Umbrella Arcs and Tube Arcs.

• Installation: Racks to be installed per the instructions provided (use of a licensed contractor is strongly recommended). With sufficient notice, Bike Arc's team will also make itself available during installation to speak by phone, and we're always happy to answer questions via email. We're here to help.

• Care & Maintenance: Grime, water and debris from bicycles and cyclists may cause Bike Arcs to become dirty. Use a gentle cloth and lukewarm water to wipe them clean, and immediately wipe them dry with a soft rag. Use gentle soap only if needed. Never use salt or other defrosting agents, cleaning products or any other chemicals on Bike Arc products.

• Limitation of Liability: Bike Arc is not liable for and Purchaser indemnifies Bike Arc and its officers, employees and agents for any damages or injuries arising during or following installation; as a result of handling, use, interaction or care by any person; from general wear and tear; or for any stolen, vandalized or otherwise damaged bikes or racks or their components. Bike Arc is not liable for chipping, rusting or discoloration on powder-coated racks.

• 5-Year Limited Warranty: We warrant your new bike racks for a five-year period beginning on the date the carrier delivers your product. This warranty excludes normal wear and tear, misuse, vandalism, improper handling, theft and each of the liability limitations set forth above, and we do not warrant powder-coated racks against rust, chipping or discoloration.

• Receipt of Damaged Goods: Purchaser must notify Bike Arc in writing within 48 hours of receiving damaged racks ("receiving" shall mean the time carrier completes delivery of goods to the address specified by Purchaser).

• Installation Photos: At Bike Arc's email request, Purchaser will provide three (3) photographs if requested within one year of product delivery. Clear images with bikes parked in the racks are awesome but not required (please feel free to snap the pictures with your iPhone/mobile device)!