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who we are

Bike Arc is a team of architects, mobility planners and spaces-for-people fans designing sophisticated bike parking systems and urban furniture. Our team also advises cities, businesses and schools as they develop Complete Streets and people-friendly infrastructure. 


Bike Arc was founded by Joseph Bellomo and Jeff Selzer, both of Palo Alto. Jo is the founder and principal architect of Joseph Bellomo Architects, and his work has shaped Silicon Valley in profoundly special and unprecedented ways. No architect better represents the crossroads of architecture, urban development, sustainability, public placemaking, urban mobility, pedestrians and bicycles than Jo does. He is also the winner of the 2014 Birge Clark Award, the highest honor given by the AIA Santa Clara Valley and an award only given to one architect every other year (check out the rockin' video that the AIA made about Jo's work for the awards ceremony). Our other founder, Jeff Selzer, is an equally awesome rockstar. He steers the ship at Palo Alto Bicycles, the region's flagship bike shop and the only one located on University Avenue in the heart of downtown Palo Alto. Jeff serves on the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition's board of directors and has been an influential figure in the bicycling community for decades. Both Jo and Jeff are long-time urban bikers.

our projects

Bike Arc is the primary bike parking system in downtown Palo Alto, one of only a handful of cities in the United States to receive the American League of Bicyclists' prestigious gold-level certification as a bike-friendly community. In Palo Alto alone, we have installed our Umbrella Arcs (two at Palo Alto City Hall); Half Arcs in Lytton Plaza and near Caltrain along the Palo Alto Circle; and dozens of Rac Arcs along University Avenue and tucked away in public plazas.

Bike Arc's footprint also extends well beyond Palo Alto. Within California, you can find us in San Francisco, San Diego, Berkeley, Menlo Park, Murrieta, Redwood City, Sunnyvale and Manhattan Beach. We've also landed in Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Baltimore, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Seattle, Rapid City, Norfolk, and Ontario. Our presence on university campuses is also growing, including at the University of Buffalo, the University of Nebraska, the University of New Hampshire and Johns Hopkins University. 

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